The 3-day "0" power challenge took place over the medium of the World Wide Web or Internet=INTERN E.T.

Princess Diana named the nation's 'ideal mother'
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Trump received a mysterious letter from Putin in 2013
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1954: foundations for European science

At the end of the Second World War, European science was no longer the crème de la crème. Following the example of the now mushrooming international organizations, a handful of visionary scientists imagined creating a European atomic physics laboratory. Raoul Dautry, Pierre Auger and Lew Kowarski in France, Edoardo Amaldi in Italy and Niels Bohr in Denmark were among these pioneers. Such a laboratory would not only unite European scientists but also allow them to share the increasing costs of nuclear physics facilities.

French physicist Louis de Broglie put the first official proposal for the creation of a European laboratory forward at the European Cultural Conference in Lausanne in December 1949. A further push came at the fifth UNESCO General Conference, held in Florence in June 1950, where the American Nobel laureate physicist, Isidor Rabi tabled a resolution authorizing UNESCO to "assist and encourage the formation of regional research laboratories in order to increase international scientific collaboration…" At an intergovernmental meeting of UNESCO in Paris in December 1951, the first resolution concerning the establishment of a European Council for Nuclear Research was adopted. Two months later, 11 countries signed an agreement establishing the provisional Council – the acronym CERN was born. At the provisional Council's third session in October 1952, Geneva was chosen as the site of the future Laboratory. This choice was finally ratified in a referendum organized by the Canton of Geneva in June 1953.

The CERN Convention, established in July 1953, was gradually ratified by the 12 founding Member States: Belgium, Denmark, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Yugoslavia. On 29 September 1954, following ratification by France and Germany, the European Organization for Nuclear Research officially came into being. The provisional CERN was dissolved but the acronym remained. and here is the updated link

The "God" Switcheroo Attempt 1726 Misfires with The Human Soul 206 and 1726 Established Within 7 Powerful Covenants of Truth
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65 Foundation of CERN 29-9-1954 Update
Significantly Updated 12-7-2016

The "God" Switcheroo Attempt 1726 Misfires with The Human Soul 206 and 1726 Established Within 7 Powerful Covenants of Truth
Created 20-5-2016

106 is signfiicantly established:

Princess Diana named the nation's 'ideal mother'
Created 10-3-2018

Trump received a mysterious letter from Putin in 2013
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Here is Nostradamus Quatrain 7,1:


Quatrain 7,1
L'arc du thresor par Achilles deceu,
Aux procres sceu la quadrangulaire:
Au faict Royal le comment sera sceu,
Cors veu pendu au veu du populaire.

The arc of the treasure deceived by Achilles,
the quadrangule known to the procreators.
The invention will be known by the Royal deed;
a corpse seen hanging in the sight of the populace.

Here is the significance of 121:

192 is the penultimate calculated outcome of the date of death of Queen Victoria:

Establishing 1722 and More in 2016 over 48 Hours
Created 23-5-2016

Here is the completed outcome:

Round off to nearest whole number:  87

  This places 5 Standard Deviations in a whole new light when 524 is interpreted as the USA date protocol=month/day of May 24+5=29

524 also has great potential when interpreted as the month/day USA date protocol of May 24 in the Gregorian Calendar Codes:


913 has great potential when interpreted as the USADP=m/d of September 13 because it establishes the challenge of Pi:

48 as  hours is two days and Ground Zero was established on the date known world-wide as 9-11-2001 which is inextricably linked with the reported height of Queen Victoria of 152 cm:

Round off to nearest whole number:  152

Here is The Balance of 189:


Paris, 13 JULY 2010

PRESS INVITATION ICHEP 2010 LHC and high energy physics : latest results and future prospects

What are the latest results in the search for the Higgs boson? How are LHC experiments progressing? What are the first clues of the existence of dark matter? What is the latest on neutrinos?

CNRS/IN2P3 (1) and CEA invite you to attend the press conference

LHC and high energy physics: latest results

On Monday 26 July 2010, at 1pm Paris time (CEST)

at the Palais des Congrès (Salle Maillot)

2 Place de la Porte Maillot - 75017 Paris, France
(Underground line 1 - Porte Maillot-Palais des Congrès, Regional railway line RER C Neuilly-Porte Maillot-Palais des Congrès)

From the LHC, through neutrinos to dark matter, the very latest results of high energy physics experiments will be unveiled at ICHEP 2010 (International Conference on High Energy Physics), which will bring together more than 1000 physicists from around the world from 22 to 28 July 2010 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. ICHEP is the largest series of international conferences on particle physics in the world. It is the second time that this biennial event, inaugurated 60 years ago, is being held in Paris, the last occasion being in 1982. An unmissable meeting of minds in the field of high energy physics, ICHEP 2010 is organized by the French scientific community (CNRS/IN2P3 and CEA). The press conference will preview the latest results in particle physics, detail the key areas of progress in the field and outline the challenges and issues at stake.


Buckingham Palace has launched an account on the online photo management site Flickr.

The British Monarchy Website Flickr account streams both up-to-the-minute images of royal engagements and archive photographs from the Royal Photograph Collection. The launch is timed to coincide with the Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace, as the site highlights photographs specially commissioned for the Palace’s exhibition The Queen’s Year, which opens on 27 July.

In addition to contemporary images of The Queen and Members of the Royal Family at work, the Flickr Account features historic photographs from current Royal Collection exhibitions at The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle and on loan to museums and galleries around the UK. They include masterpieces of early British photography collected by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

The Flickr photo site is the latest way in which the Royal Household is engaging with technological innovation and follows the launch of the new Royal website ( and the British Monarchy Twitter account in 2009 and the Royal Channel on You Tube in 2007. The British Monarchy Website Flickr account is a collaboration between Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace and Clarence House.

The account includes:
- A “Latest news and diary” gallery showing the latest photographs from royal engagements.
- Collections from The Queen’s recent visit to Canada and New York, and Holyrood Week.
- A “Queen and Commonwealth” section, which includes pictures of Royal visits to Commonwealth realms and related engagements.
- Specially commissioned photographs for the exhibition The Queen’s Year at Buckingham Palace Summer Opening taken during The Queen’s programme of engagements over the past twelve months (including a State Banquet, a military review, diplomatic credentials and a Garden Party).
- Photography by Roger Fenton, Julia Margaret Cameron and other pioneering practitioners of the medium. These were collected by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, who lent their enthusiastic support to the new art form.
- Photographs of two generations of royal children, taken by Marcus Adams from 1926 to 1956, including images of The Queen and The Prince of Wales as babies.

In total at launch there are over 600 photographs, and this figure will increase as the Flickr account is continuously updated with photos from Royal engagements and events.


1. The Monarchy Flickr Launch officially on Monday 26 July and can be accessed at and photostream

Round off to nearest whole number:  293

I received

The Holy Spirit was activated on Good Friday 29-3-2002:

For the Twins 293 see Significant Evidence in Support of My Truth.

Discovering and Establishing why and how The Three Attempts on My Life connect
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Four Sigificant Dates - My Twin History Included
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My Five Creator-blessed Dates are Fully Operational
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The 13th Day - My Covenant Commitment 26-11-2001
Created 28-1-2018
222 is established with my 13 calculated dates

The 13th Day - My Covenant Commitment 26-11-2001
Created 28-1-2018||Significantly Updated 30-1-2018
222 is established with my 13 calculated dates

CERN's third false apocalypse experiment using the LHC for High Energy collisions took place on 30-3-2010, 24 hours after the eighth anniversary of the activation of The Holy Spirit above, which significantly, was also the date of the 1008th Anniversary of the date that began the countdown of 1000 years in fulfilment prophecies:


Princess Diana named the nation's 'ideal mother'
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Antimatter 69

154 Established

Here is the 7-step Bible Code at work on the number 279 which is the calculated outcome of the 3-day "0" power challenge:

Round off to nearest whole number:  118

For the significance of 279 come and have a look at:

Princess Diana named the nation's 'ideal mother'
Created 10-3-2018

Furthermore, 1-18-2003 is significantly established:

Zero Redemption 666