Round off to nearest whole number:  14

Here is the significance of 61:

Here are the Nostradamus Quatrains:


Quatrain 1,19

Lors que Serpens viendront circuir l'are,
Le sang Troyen vex par les Espaignes:
Par eux grand nombre en sera faicte tare.
Chef fruict, cach aux mares dans les saignes.

When the snakes surround the altar,
and the Trojan blood is troubled by the Spanish.
Because of them, a great number will be lessened.
The leader flees, hidden in the swampy marshes.

Quatrain 1,16
Faulx l'estang joint vers le Sagitaire,
En son hault AUGE de l'exaltation,
Peste, famine, mort de main militaire,
La siecle approche renouvation.

A scythe joined with a pond in Sagittarius
at its highest ascendant.
Plague, famine, death from military hands;
the century approaches its renewal.

Quatrain 2,53
La grande peste de cit maritime,
Ne cessera que mort ne soit vengee
Du iuste sang par pris damn sans crime,
De la grand dame par feincte n'outragee.

The great plague of the maritime city
Will not cease until there be avenged the death
Of the just blood, condemned for a price without crime,
Of the great lady unwronged by pretense.

Quatrain 9,11
Le iuste mort tort mort l'on viendra mettre
Publiquement du lieu esteint:
Si grande peste en ce lieu viendra naistre,
Que les iugeans fuyr seront contraints.

Wrongly will they come to put the just one to death,
In public and in the middle extinguished:
So great a pestilence will come to arise in this place,
That the judges will be forced to flee.

Quatrain 2,48
La grand copie qui passera les monts.
Saturne en l'Arq tournant du poisson Mars:
Venins cachez soubs testes de saumons,
Leurs chief pendu fil de polemars.

The great force which will pass the mountains.
Saturn in Sagittarius Mars turning from the fish:
Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,
Their war-chief hung with cord.



The "0" power challenge began on 8-28-2002:


Born 10-6 establishes 10+6=16

Here is the calculated outcome:

Round off to nearest whole number:  8

Here are the No. of Ltr Values+English and Pythagorean Ltr Values establishing the Foundation:

Round off to nearest whole number:  45

272 and 45 are already significantly connected but where is it supposed to go?  For the answer to this, when 272 is interpreted as the day and month (UKDP) of 27 February, the USADP=m/d equivalent is written as 2/27 - i.e. February 27 and here is Nostraadamus Quatrain 2,27 (Century 2, Quatrain 27):


Quatrain 2,27
Le diuin verbe sera du ciel frapp,
Qui ne pourra proceder plus auant:
Du reseruant le secret estoup,
Qu'on marchera par dessus & deuant.

The divine word will be struck from the sky,
One who cannot proceed any further:
The secret closed up with the revelation, +
Such that they will march over and ahead.

Here is the final outcome:

53 is the basic calculated outcome of the birth date of Prince William 14-11-1948:

175 as Roman Numerals CLXXV - Established Outcome 341 - base total of Prince Charles' DOB.14-11-1948
Created 17-12-2016
Linked with Chart of Kings 1002 as well as Babylon The Great 175 (now corrected) and Solving The Puzzle of MH370

316 also has significant potential when interpreted as the USADP=m/d of March 16, the USADP=d/m equivalent of which is written as 16 March - i.e. 16/3 and 163 cm is the reported height of Queen Elizabeth II:

and 163 is the basic calculated outcome of the date of Good Friday 29-3-2002:

which, for me personally, was the date of the activation of The Holy Spirit, which saved my life:


The challenge of 53 is hidden within the Gregorian Calendar Codes of 24 June which, in 1717, was the date of the foundation of the Premier Grand Lodge of England:


(Quote) But there were some features that didn't make sense. A
53-tooth gear (another prime number) altered the rotation
rate of the 223-tooth gear, only to be exactly cancelled out
by anotheer 53-tooth gear on the other side. (Unquote)

The number of pages are mirrored in the calculated outcome of

19-10-1964 - 2nd Higgs' Theory Paper published
Created 8-1-2017

336 is ONE LESS than 337:

and 337 is significantly established in the basic caculation of the following:

434+569=1003 (see Zero Redemption 666 as well as The Power of TRUTH Within The Name of Jesus Christ)
Round off to nearest whole number:  167 (see Scotland 167 New York 167 and Jerusalem 167 - The Babylon Trifecta Personified!)

337 is the calculated outcome of 2020:

Round off to nearest whole number:  6035
Round off to nearest whole number:  1006


The USA date protocol of 8-28-2002 - i.e. the first day of the 3-day "0" power challenge contains 1964: