Only one finger is pointing straight up but the finger before it points upwards and hides, yet protects the finger pointing straight up.  The Twin Election is about the Second Coming of Christ:

Welcoming in the new Millennium.

The dollar sign kept coming (and still does) as an error and, as a symbol, it has no numerical value.  I prayed about this years ago and what was revealed by Divine Grace was that the number underneath the symbol(s) gives it the specific value needed and in this case $592 is calculated as 4592.

Round off to nearest whole number:  1616

Hidden within 1616 is great Truth because 161 is the day and month in the Gregorian Calendar of the birth date of HRH Prince Philip in the non-leap year 1921:

Here are the Gregorian Calendar Codes:

and Prince Philip attained the age of 6 in 1927:


which now establishes 1616 with significant possibilities for interpretation:

Here are the number 1 to 18:

Newfound alien planet may be good bet for life
Created 17-11-2017

Round off to nearest whole number:  73

Charles Darwin the world-renowned Evolution Theorist died at the age of 73:

The Scorpio Twins Elect attain the age of 73 on 19-11-2017 - see Significant Evidence in Support of My Truth and there are apocalypse warnings because 19 November was established as World Toilet Day on 19-11-2001 and it is also International Men's Day:'s_Day

Round off to nearest whole number:  1544

9261 contains the numbers of the birth year of Queen Elizabeth II 1926.

The Title Duke of Edinburgh was created on 26-7-1726 - see and The "God" Switcheroo Attempt 1726 Misfires with The Human Soul 206 and 1726 Established Within 7 Powerful Covenants of Truth and here ar the Gregorian Calendar Codes:

The "God" Switcheroo Attempt 1726 Misfires with The Human Soul 206 and 1726 Established Within 7 Powerful Covenants of Truth
Created 20-5-2016

God had promised King David (Psalm 89) that his throne would be established for ever, and that a descendant of his would always sit on it. A chart in the College of Heralds, London, shows the genealogy of the present monarch back to David. Elizabeth the Second is the 144th descendant direct in line from King David. The prophet Ezekiel prophesied that God would overturn the throne three times, and thus it was: From Jerusalem to Ireland, Ireland to Scotland, and Scotland to England. The Stone of Destiny, which is in the base of the actual throne today, provides a further link with the Bible, being identified with Jacob, the father of the Israelites. The official Westminster Abbey guide refers to this Stone as the stone upon which Jacob laid his head when he had the famous dream of a ladder reaching to Heaven (Genesis 28).   
Source: (link no longer accessible
Add the highlighted numbers:

There's a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child.
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Blood-sacrifice-redemption:  The Purpose?  Soul Destruction for Survivors!
Created 14-11-2017

The Multi-dimensional Establishment of Prophesied Blood-sacrifice Fulfilled
Created 14-11-2017

Shocked about Energy bill?
Created 14-11-2017

Here is the calculated outcome:

Round off to nearest whole number:  539

There is great Truth in 3233 because on 19 November 1947, which was not a leap year, the fourth title Duke of Edinburgh was created on the 3rd birthday of The Scorpio Twins Elect

323 three events.

Here are the No. of Ltr Values+English and Pythagorean Ltr Values establishing the Foundation:


Round off to nearest whole number:  207

The establishment of 1000 years is embedded in Bible Prophecy:

Thehre are 204 days remaining until the end of the year on 10 June and the calculated outcome is 207, but there is more and here's the bookmark #2671726dukeofedinburghtitlecreated.

243 Illuminati and QEII
Linked with 911 Inside Job 249 Exposed

Here is the final outcome:

Round off to nearest whole number:  630

Round off to nearest whole number:  185

and here is 630 on the posthumous 85th birthday of Pope John Paul II: