The ABC of The Zero Dimension 279
Created 25-1-2018



The 241st day of the Gregorian Calendar Codes in three consecutive years with 365 days is 29 August:

29 August is commemorated as the date of the beheading of John The Baptist:

The ABC of The Zero Dimension 279
Created 25-1-2018

Born 1944, The Scorpio Twins Elect attained the age of 47 in 1991:

I keep 293 there because it is the day and month (UKDP) of the start of the countdown of 1000 years which has been constructed on Bible prophecy:

Round off to nearest whole number:  233

1991 is The Balance:

Here is the British Royal connection with 1758:


The Medium used to effect the "0" power challenge over three days, was the Internet=INTERN E.T. and CERN was where the Web was born - see  :

Here is the 7-step Bible Code at work on the number 222:

222:  2+2+2=6
222:  2+22=24
222:  22+2=24
222:  2 x 2 x 2=8
222:  2 x 22=44
222:  22 x 2=44

Re. 18:7 Give her as much torture and grief as the glory and luxury
she gave herself. In her heart she boasts, `I sit as queen; I am
not a widow, and I will never mourn.’

Here is the significance of The Rule of Law:


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Eugenics is the "applied science or the biosocial movement which advocates the use of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population," usually referring to human populations.[2] Eugenics was widely popular in the early decades of the 20th century,[3] but by the late 20th century it had fallen into disfavor, having become associated with Nazi Germany.[citation needed] Both the public and some elements of the scientific community have associated eugenics with Nazi abuses, such as enforced racial hygiene, human experimentation, and the extermination of "undesired" population groups. However, developments in genetic, genomic, and reproductive technologies at the end of the 20th century have raised many new questions and concerns about the meaning of eugenics and its ethical and moral status in the modern era, effectively creating a resurgence of interest in eugenics.[citation needed]

  1. Anatomy
  2. Biology
  3. Physiology
  4. Psychology
  5. Mental Testing
  6. Anthropometry
  7. Genetics
  8. History
  9. Geology
  10. Archaeology
  11. Anthropology
  12. Ethnology
  13. Geography
  14. Law
  15. Statistics
  16. Politics
  17. Economics
  18. Biography
  19. Genealogy
  20. Sociology
  21. Education
  22. Religion
  23. Psychiatry
  24. Surgery
  25. Medicine

Calculated Control Factor 325
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Round off to nearest whole number:  364

See the saturation of British Royal destiny numbers:

US Congress deals with government shutdown
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364 is, ironically, the progressive challenge of ONE MORE than 363:

and the 364th day in 2006 was that of the execution of Saddam Hussein in fulfilment of prophecies:

Here is the significance of 2010:

Here are the three significant Nostradamus Quatrains:


Quatrain 2,48
La grand copie qui passera les monts.
Saturne en l'Arq tournant du poisson Mars:
Venins cachez soubs testes de saumons,
Leurs chief pendu fil de polemars.

The great force which will pass the mountains.
Saturn in Sagittarius Mars turning from the fish:
Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,
Their war-chief hung with cord.

Quatrain 7,1
L'arc du thresor par Achilles deceu,
Aux procres sceu la quadrangulaire:
Au faict Royal le comment sera sceu,
Cors veu pendu au veu du populaire.

The arc of the treasure deceived by Achilles,
the quadrangule known to the procreators.
The invention will be known by the Royal deed;
a corpse seen hanging in the sight of the populace.

Quatrain 2,13
Le corps sans ame plus n'estre en sacrifice,
Iour de la mort mis en natiuit:
L'esprit diuin fera l'ame felice,
Voiant le verbe en son eternit.

The body without soul no longer to be sacrificed:
Day of death put for birthday:
The divine spirit will make the soul happy,
Seeing the word in its eternity.

1939-213=1726 which is the year of the creation of the title Duke of Edinburgh:

The Knights Templar establish the significance of 1726
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There are two former Presidents and one current President of the United States of America, one being George W. Bush:


Calculated Control Factor 225
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